Yolande visits

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Here’s what she wrote of her experience:

“Jess’s soft energy congealing into the corner – surrendering to some internal state – intensely sustained – quietly but solidly present there – then crawling out into space with playful invention

Leslie wrestling with the floor

Cell phone becoming an active voice mapping the dance

Anya’s pure voice ringing loud and fluttering rrrrrrrrrrrrrr’s emerging out of the kernel of tactile dancing – flowing into the sound scape – an Icelandic nomad woman song

Eric somehow seemed to be always beside, behind, above, below, ready, supporting, available, open, simultaneously solid and fluid around me – linking one body to another – maintaining connections

Leslie’s delicate detailed solo in calm weighted space with basking bodies

much and often deliciously fluid and free dancing navigating many spacial planes and gravitational relationships – Jess flying, rolling and falling up, down and around Anya’s surfaces – fearless

Ron speaking incomprehensibly in ernest – beautifully timed with physical composition

Mary’s eyes and smile – translating visual field into image

Ron and Anya riding the emotional wave

mutating clouds of sound and music building layers of spatial texture – sense of shifting places / spaces / journeys – vastly expanded palette of sound with Kris and Blair merging”


I wanna see that dance 🙂

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