LIVE was initiated in 2007. It now consists of nine artists. We spend two hours practicing together every Thursday morning in Kathryn Irey’s studio (Stage 7 School of Dance) in San Diego, California. Practice continues with lunch and conversation.

LIVE: on thursday mornings we play. and sometimes it feels like work. and it is. we call it practicing. we practice being, doing, making, sensing and seeing in a room together. we talk about it later.
-Leslie Seiters

 is my weekly current event. Sometimes, I arrive saturated and go empty. Other times, I enter empty and leave saturated. I navigate and yield.
-Karen Schaffman

LIVE: “It’s impossible not to remember wild and want it back.” Mary Oliver didn’t write this about LIVE…but could have.
-Ron Estes

LIVE is a context for practicing dance, sound, composition, questioning, discourse and performance with others in present time. Everything is available. It requires showing up.
-Anya Cloud

LIVE is an invitation to be supported, to be in relationship, to enter, to turn and return. A place for arriving and ….
-Liam Clancy

LIVE is like…
wandering through a realm of daydream
where words end to describe and sensations make coherent
rigorously practiced
-Kris Apple