Intelligent Recklessness

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from post-practice lunch discussion on september 12th:

a dance that contains everything and continues for a long time-what is it to enter into a new dance from that state?

seeing and experiencing intelligent recklessness-what happens with two or more bodies in relationship to this state? what skills/training supports this happening without injury? questions about whether ‘reckless’ is what we really mean. with whom will we enter this type of dance?

relationship between durability, synchronizing and fragility.

release. release technique. lineage of release within experimental and contemporary dance. joan skinner, mary faulkerson, susan klein, trisha brown. what do they call it? what do we call it? what kind of knowledge is in the space at any given moment?

what is it to feel the full weight of the body resting on other bodies? islanding.

bobble head sitting trio of leslie, kris and karen-we are the stripe without the line, we are the circle without the hole…

mary as witness

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