18 September

generative? improvisational? compositional?

We asked Blair about “generative” at lunch. What is the difference between generating and improvising. He shared that generative ways of working have improvisational qualities because they are coming from that world. Jess sang a version of “Borderline” by Madonna in practice. Blair said she was improvising rather than generating. This led to discussions about […]

15 September

Intelligent Recklessness

from post-practice lunch discussion on september 12th: a dance that contains everything and continues for a long time-what is it to enter into a new dance from that state? seeing and experiencing intelligent recklessness-what happens with two or more bodies in relationship to this state? what skills/training supports this happening without injury? questions about whether […]

5 September

Yolande visits

Here’s what she wrote of her experience: “Jess’s soft energy congealing into the corner – surrendering to some internal state – intensely sustained – quietly but solidly present there – then crawling out into space with playful invention Leslie wrestling with the floor Cell phone becoming an active voice mapping the dance Anya’s pure voice […]